Sensory System - Our window to the world. Enhanced through early exploration of the senses: touching and being touched, smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing, feeling, and a sense of balance and body position. Allowing your child to take bathes, go down slides, wear clothes, eat certain textured foods. Enables the child to perfect such skills as eye hand coordination and visual perception essential for math, reading, and writing. 

Play - This is the occupation or job of babies and small children. Through play a child will learn to develop motor coordination, cognitive concepts, and gain feelings of self-confidence. Fun play will encourage your child to practice news kills and master their environment. 

Fine Motor Skills - Focusing on smaller muscles allows your child to control detailed movements. These movements require the use of smaller muscles of the body such as the eyes, face, tongue, hands and fingers. Important fine motor skills include smiling, following moving objects with their eyes and picking up small items such as food. These are all necessary skills for early exploration, body awareness, and play. Later these skills will lead to every day skills such as, dressing, grooming, and writing for school.