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Physical Therapy

Gross Motor Development – Movement based therapy focused on the use of large muscle groups to promote mobility, balance and coordination to improve overall age appropriate gross motor skills.


Orthopedic – Musculoskeletal based therapy focused on improving strength, range of motion, postural asymmetries and overall muscle endurance.


Sports Rehabilitation – Specialized therapeutic intervention following a sports related injury focused on injury recovery, functional movement patterns and promoting a return to prior level of function and participation in sports related activities.


Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation – Specialized therapeutic exercise based therapy focused on improving bowel and bladder regularity, with emphasis on diet and nutrition to achieve an overall healthy GI system.

Physical Therapy Services

· Strength training

· Endurance training

· Balance training

· Functional mobility training

· Lower extremity orthotics/bracing

· Evaluation of proper seating devices

· Orthopedic rehabilitation

· Activities directed toward appropriate
developmental milestones