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Speech Therapy


Communication is essential to learning, social interactions, and overall development as well as the ability to achieve and maintain independence. Communication involves both understanding and expression. Forms of expression may include gestures, verbalizations, signs, pictures, symbols, printed words, and output from augmentative and alternative (AAC) devices. It is imperative that children develop a method for expressing and understanding their wants and needs to engage in functional communication and reduce frustrations.

Chatterbox Programs

Chatterbox is a play-based group, which provides opportunities for peer interactions through natural routines of play and functional activities. Weekly, themed-based lesson plans are implemented to target individual and group goals addressing  speech and language skills. Our groups are targeted towards early language learners, language processing, phonological awareness, and alternative augmentative communication. Find out which group is right for you!

Social Language Group

Social language group therapy session targets various aspects of pragmatic language and social communication within a group setting with a skilled clinician facilitating through direct teaching and target activities. The patient is given opportunities to practice target behaviors and social rules with each other through naturalistic interaction, role-playing, and conversation in order to increase functional carryover. During the session, the patient participate in exercises designed to target various components of social language including conversational exchange (e.g., topic maintenance, eye contact, turn taking, asking questions, responding appropriately), interpreting and using body language appropriately (e.g., personal space, controlling body, etc.), interpreting, managing and expressing emotions, and understanding of nonliteral language (e.g., idioms, similes, and indirect language).

Speech Therapy Services:

· Articulation

· Language Processing

· Alternative Augmentative Communication

· Fluency

· Social Communication

· Feeding and Swallowing

· Cognition

· Literacy Skills

· Play Skills