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Speech Therapy

Communication – This skill is the most important psychological need. It can be done with eyes, gestures, voice or even computers. Communication requires concentration, whatever the method necessitates the ability to receive information, interpret, and respond.

Social Language Group – Social language group therapy session targets various aspects of pragmatic language and social communication within a group setting with a skilled clinician facilitating through direct teaching and target activities. The patient is given opportunities to practice target behaviors and social rules with each other through naturalistic interaction, role-playing, and conversation in order to increase functional carryover. During the session, the patient participate in exercises designed to target various components of social language including conversational exchange ( topic maintenance, eye contact, turn taking, asking questions, responding appropriately), interpreting and using body language appropriately ( personal space, controlling body, etc), interpreting, managing and expressing emotions, and understanding of nonliteral language (idioms, similes, and indirect language).

Oral Motor Invention– Beckman Oral Motor Intervention can be used to facilitate both speech production and feeding skills. Issues such as tooth grinding, drooling and hyper/hyposensitivity may also be addressed by the Beckman protocol. Techniques that are used are presented in a playful, gentle manner, so that all children feel respected. Emphasis is placed on providing parent training so that the techniques can be carried over into the home for maximum benefit. This approach was developed by Debra Beckman, MS, CCC-SLP, who has been practicing since 1975. This protocol is a way to evaluate and treat weakness (hypotonicity) throughout the oral-facial areas.

Beckman Oral Motor Protocol is an intervention that utilizes assisted movement and stretch reflexes to activate muscle contraction, build strength and improve Range of Motion in the lips, jaw, tongue and soft palate. It assesses the response to pressure, movement, range, and strength, and variety and control of movement. It is very beneficial for children that can not follow verbal commands due to motor planning and/or a cognitive deficit. This can also be used with infants as a highly effective tool for improving oral motor skills to support feeding and speech development.

Speech Therapy Services:

· Oral Motor Stimulation

· Developmental language therapy

· Treatment of stuttering

· Treatment of pragmatic language impairments

· Treatment of phonological language impairments

· Articulation and voice therapy