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Our Programs

Therapeutic Playtime has a diverse portfolio of therapy programs to meet your child’s needs.


OUR MISSION: To help each child realize his/her absolute and fullest potential, in both body and mind, in an atmosphere where your child feels a sense of self-worth, love and respect.



Chatterbox is a center-based language class which provides opportunities for the development of speech, language, and oral coordination skills in a child’s natural routine of play and through functional activities.

Bowel and Bladder Program


Therapeutic exercise based therapy focused on improving bowel and bladder regularity, with emphasis on diet and nutrition to achieve an overall healthy GI system.

Walkie Talkies


Walkie Talkies is a therapy program for children focused on improving early walking and development of speech and language skills. The program is geared towards children who are babbling and demonstrating attempts at communication but expressing limited real words and those who are not yet walking, or wobbly when walking.

Chomp & Chew


This class is designed for children with feeding concerns, including children who have a very limited diet, avoid foods that feel a certain way (ex. all soft foods or all crunchy foods), become upset regularly during meal times, and/or gag or throw up when eating. Sessions will focus on the physical and sensory aspects of eating.

Learning our Letters


Letter formation for capital letters
Letter formation of lower case letters
Line placement for letters
Eliminating reversals
Pencil Grip

Sports Rehabilitation


Specialized therapeutic intervention following a sports related injury focused on injury recovery, functional movement patterns and promoting a return to prior level of function and participation in sports related activities.

And More!


Building with Letters
Simply Social Language Class
Pre-Teen & Teen Chat
Dance Physical Therapy
Language Groups Feeding Groups Social Groups Handwriting Groups
Sensory Groups